HR Management & Applicant tracking software

Applicant tracking system and recruitment management software are a big hit with established companies, corporate and MNCs who have to work on the continuous engagement of labour force. So, what exactly is this software all about?

Ideally used by hiring agencies/companies and HR Departments, recruitment software is most suited to track job requirements/opportunities that arise; stores resume, candidate information and contact details and has all the relevant database saved up for future reference. Basically, it is the electronic version of our entire hiring process.

Nowadays, the cloud computing software version is in demand globally, wherein all the data is stored online on a remote server and can be accessed through different gadgets anytime.

The principal task of applicant tracking system software is that it can quickly give you the information that you need and increases your efficiency. In this process, there is less time wasted on tracking individual profiles and you can extract information about any candidate even after a long time.

What can you do with recruitment software solutions?

  • Search candidates based on their qualification level, age, years of experience and even school/college they attended
  • Manage the resumes efficiently without having to use cumbersome methods of making electronic files and folders that make the database a huge task
  • Connects to your website and updates all the candidate requirements by posting job requirements
  • You can have a good database of clients and candidates
  • The software allows you to collaborate all your sources i.e., Social media resumes emails as well as data saved in storage devices.
  • One stop look at all the activities of the hiring process is possible without disturbing other staff or team members.

Running your business effectively with applicant tracking system & recruitment software:

  • Consolidates data: The employee profiles, their psychological test scores, training information and all relevant HR data is integrated with this software.
  • Tracking Facility: The software tracks the information of all the candidates with easy to use search options. Automated communication for sending updates to applicants, interview requests and other communication is also done.
  • Improving hiring process: The job applicants are screened better with more time saved by software usage thereby improving the quality of applicants. This adds value to your brand also.
  • Evaluation: With inbuilt metrics, you can evaluate the employee performance and select candidates for promotion
  • Saves time: Time is saved due to automation in scheduling the interviews, screening potential candidates, shortlisting them and matching them to your requirements.
  • Saves money: Lots of money is saved by avoiding use of paper and postage. The companies can also save on hiring employees to do the job of recruitment and HR. This means that the company might require only 2 employees instead of 5 to do this work.
  • Talent management: The software helps in hiring employees with all abiding legal agreements/contracts and also engage in professional development
  • Intelligent business: The software provides valuable insight regarding compliance models and ROI. These reports generated in real time help in planning and sourcing candidates immediately over multiple locations using the web-based software technology.

Astounding features of applicant tracking/recruitment software:

  1. Usage:
    • The application tracking software has easy navigation features making it possible for you to work on the software without getting stuck up
    • All tasks have an inbuilt support system with instructions on how to go through each step in the software data compilation
  2. Communication:
    • The applicant tracking software is very ideal for communication with clients/candidates.
    • Mass emails are possible with this automated software
    • All the communication that takes place is stored so it can be viewed or retrieved at any time.
  3. Career Sites and Social Media:
    • The most application tracking system software can be integrated with career sites with API accessibility. Candidates might not be aware of this but it helps companies in hiring suitable candidates. Some software can be integrated with social media pages for publishing openings and collection of resumes.
  4. Managing Resumes:
    • The recruitment management software collects resumes from emails automatically. It uploads emails at one go enabling you to view them together.
    • Contact information is saved in the contacts format so that you can directly go to that section to contact them.
    • Good search options are available for candidate profiling.
    • Duplicate documents or even duplicate candidate data are detected.
    • Candidate resumes are accepted in all file formats.
    • Consolidation of the applications is done from all sources.
  5. Tracking Applicants:
    • You can customize the recruitment process.
    • Team members can do different work at the same time quickly saving time.
    • Applicant’s status can be checked regarding their progress in the hiring process.
    • Sometimes companies might get large numbers of resumes which might be difficult to go through. This software gives you selected candidates to check on.
  1. Hiring Management:
    • You can automatically update the careers page on your website by publicizing openings. The same benefit is seen on your social media pages also.
    • Applicant’s questionnaire is customized according to your needs.
    • Filters are automated making it possible to email applicants.
    • You can check on the applicants that are automatically selected.
    • You can export all the relevant data in excel file.
  2. Collaborating Recruitment process:
    • You can share updates and evaluate candidates internally.
    • Automated emailing to candidates is possible.
    • You can create and delegate tasks to team members during the process.
    • Sharing information of potential applicants with team members is possible.
    • As an administrator, you can manage access information for different employees or team members.

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